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The initial vertical position of a floating menu is often lower on the page than it needs to be when the page is scrolled. On this site, for example, the initial “Y” coordinate is 140 pixels below the top of the page in order to leave room for the page header. However, as the page is scrolled, the menu would look funny if it were a third of the way down the page, so, when the page is scrolled, the menu is only 10 pixels below the top of the page.

Here is how to change the initial “Y” coordinate from 140 pixels to 10 pixels when the page is scrolled:

1. Select the first menu item in the Menu Tree (the item just below <Top-level Menu>) and select Condition under Menu Item Settings.

2. Enter the following code in the Prefix window:

var myitem=

3. Enter the following code in the Suffix window:


In the code you enter in the Suffix window, be sure to change “140” to the initial Y coordinate of your floating menu.

The tutorial is from the warm-hearted DHTML Menu users

The problem happened when you chose “Every visit to the page” in settings of internet temporary files of the Internet Option. In this case, when you move mouse over the menu item, the browser will check the new version of the page and reload it as well as the images. In fact, the default setting there should be “Automatically” rather than “Every visit to the page”. Thus, the problem will not exist.