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Feature List of Drop Down Menu Builder

JavaScript Menu Builder - Features

Feature Lists:

Cross Browsers

Drop Down Menu Builder - Cross Browsers

DHTML Menu builder enables to generate the robust cross-browser code, which is compatible with most browsers. The web menu auto-detect the visitors' browser type and load the best script code, so you do not worry about the browser compatibility any more. The supported browsers include Internet Explorer 9, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox, Camino and Safari 5. The code has been fully tested on Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux and Vista. View compatibility of navigation bar >>

More Attractive User Interface

The user-friendly interface is WYSWYG editing window. When modifying the JavaScript menu, you can preview DHTML menu effect in the preview window in real time. And panel layout makes you can edit the navigation bar in the favorite way. Clicking the buttons on the toolbar, you can refresh, preview or publish the web menu directly. With this interface, it is easy and simple to build menu.

Tab Menu

Drop Down Menu Builder - Tab MenuDHTML menu builder can create tab menu, which displays main menu items as tabs in top line, and shows the sub-menu under it to save space for pages. Usually, the users click the menu item on the top line to expand the sub menus, and quick switch to the wanted page. Now you can create tab menus in minutes with the program.

Keyboard Navigation

Besides clicking the mouse to operate the JavaScript menu, you can control the menu by arrow key on the keyboard. With pressing down "Ctrl+F2", the keyboard navigation functions are enabled, you can use arrow key to control DHTML menu in both program and webpage. In the program, you can choose a certain item and input text conveniently; on the webpage, you can control navigation bar or switch between multiple drop down menus.

Support setting background with rounded corner

Drop Down Menu Builder - Rounded CornerSupports setting background with rounded corner to menu items. Users can choose background images from Background Library or custom the background images as you like.

Full Edit Mode

Full edit mode is a more visual way to create JavaScript menu. In Edit Mode, you can directly edit your menu in the preview window, but not just preview your menu. You can edit the selected menu item(s) by double-clicking in preview window, which the modifications will be synchronized in Menu Tree panel.

Free Add-ons

Drop Down Menu Builder - Free Add-onsSothink DHTML Menu can integrate with Dreamweaver (Support CS5), FrontPage, Expression Web and GoLive as add-ons. It will be added to web editors automatically during installation.

Just few clicks, you can accurately insert a JavaScript menu to your desired position. You can also easily edit navigation bar next time.

Fully support Library and Template in Dreamweaver; Shared Borders, Include Page and Dynamic Web Template in FrontPage; and Dynamic Web Template in Expression Web. So you can edit a menu and let web editors update all the relevant pages automatically.

Resource Folder

Resource folder is the necessary folder to save JavaScript and image files used in JavaScript menu, which makes sure the same navigation bar display exactly within multi-page of different directories, and also you can preview the web menu in both local intranet and Internet. After setting these folders, our program will do the rest of the things for you --- copy all menu files to the defined folders, no matter you use the program alone or within HTML editors.

Rich Built-in Resource

Apply images directly from Image Library and edit them freely. These images usually use as icon, arrow, background and separator.
Choose different cursor image to help viewers distinguish between linked items and non-linked one.
Include styles to menu item(s) from Pre-Designed Styles. These styles offer diverse pre-defined CSS styles, icon and background images can be saved to Styles as well.

Build your JavaScript menu from Ready-Made Templates. The templates have been reorganized into six categories and one customized type, they are Business, OS, Simple, Art, Clone, Effect and My Templates.

Set surround for menu item

Drop Down Menu Builder - SurroundThe program let you to set surround function in normal panel and advanced panel. Users can fully customize the surround settings, including color, tint & brightness and the surround image. Also, you can choose corners and edges separately.

Tips of the Day

Tips of the Day gives you tips & tricks when you use this JavaScript menu maker, which shows at start. You can use the program better with its help, and get the related information easily and grasp the usage method quickly. Read these tips carefully; you will get the unknown skills before.


Drop Down Menu Builder - EncodingEncoding function helps you encode menu in the proper language when inputting the characters different from your default system language, and make JavaScript menu display correctly in the program and preview page.

Supports Non-English Languages

DHTML menu builder supports not only English but also non-English languages, such as Japanese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, etc; even right-to-left languages are supported, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. In order to make the menu shown the correct non-English language, please set the applied language as the default language on your computer.

How to create non-English drop down menu?

Copy & Paste

Copy and Paste function enables you to save time and energy to repeat the same works, which duplicate menu items from one DHTML menu to another in different program windows, the properties of menu items can be copied too. And even, you can re-arrange menu's structure in new menu window by this function.

Import *.stm File

Switch to drop down menu from tree menu by importing the authoring file (*.stm) of Tree Menu. New popup menu has the same properties with tree menu, including text content, text type, link, target, status, tip text.

Functional Menu

Drop Down Menu Builder - Functional MenuMulti-Column Menu can arrange long pop up menu items in a table in group orderly. Supports the horizontal or vertical JavaScript menu. And the multi-row menu effect can also be reached.

Drop Down Menu Builder - Cross-Frame MenuCross-Frame menu is used for framed web sites. With DHTML Menu, you can input the correct frame names and check the option in the Cross-Frame panel to create common Frames, Nested Frames and Iframes easily.
Learn creating cross-frame menu >>

Drop Down Menu Builder - Scrolling MenuHighlight menu can automatically display the highlighted menu item linking to the current page in the browser, which indicates where the user is on the web site. You also can show all levels of the navigation bar or customize the number of levels to be shown. Click here to see JavaScript menu on web site.

Scrolling menu can scroll long popup menus. Support horizontal and vertical popup menus. Users also can set the precise width and height of popup menu to start scrolling. And the scrolling speed will be accelerated if mouse clicks the scrolling arrow.
View scrolling drop down menu >>

Search Engine Friendly

SE For Drop Down MenuSearch Engine Friendly Code Maker allows your JavaScript menu to be found and read by search engines, even when JavaScript is forbidden in a browser. It improves your website’s rank.

Drop Down Menu Builder - Google XML MakerXML Sitemap Maker generates special codes in XML format which helps to optimize your website’s rank in Google. By generating this XML file and submitting your site to Google, you can improve your rank in search results so that more people see your site.

Disable items and separators

This function helps you to disable certain items and separators. This setting is quite useful for those JavaScript menu including items or separators that change from time to time. Disabling items and separators, they will only be shown in editing, but not in the webpage.

Database-driven Menu

Creating dynamic database-driven JavaScript menus has never been easier. Item text, links, tips and other properties can be dynamically generated from a database by using JSP, ASP, PHP, ASP.NET and ColdFusion or other server side code. Just input the variables in the corresponding fields and write some conditions (if...else..., while, for, etc.) in the Conditions panel to generate a navigation bar, instead of manually coding every line of the menu on the page. Those conditions will be saved in the menu configuration file, allowing you to easily modify the JavaScript menu style.


Publish Wizard - Sothink DHTML MenuPublish is the vital step to insert the navigation bar into web page. All the publish options are visible in the interface. Following the tips on the dialog to set the corresponding folder and do some operations, you can insert JavaScript menu into web page easily. In comparison with old step-by-step publish wizard, this is clear and brief publishing method.

Work with Flash & Form objects

Work with Flash - Drop Down MenuSothink DHTML Menu works with windowed elements perfectly, such as Flash, Form, Iframe, etc. You can set the JavaScript menu to show over the windowed element and also hide the windowed element while displaying navigation bar.

Effect Preview

Effect Preview - Drop Down Menu MakerEffect Preview allows users to preview the navigation bar in a browser before it is inserted into a webpage. With Effect Preview, users can view a JavaScript menu’s effect, speed and overall look during design to make sure it is what they want.

Site Navigation Generator

Sothink DHTML Menu includes a Site Navigation Generator that automatically generates a navigation bar by analyzing a page of a website (generally, the index page). The Generator Wizard will scan all links on the page and the files they link to, then generates the JavaScript menu based on the relationship and structure of these links.

Drop Down Menu Builder - Sothink DHTML Menu

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Reviews & Testimonial

Reviews of DHTML Menu
"This specialized program eases the process considerably with a no-nonsense interface that puts the necessary design and scripting elements at your fingertips."
Tesitimonial of DHTML Menu
"A fantastic way for someone involved in web design. Takes away all the time and hassle of setting up a menu system leaving the developer on other aspects of design.
Thank you for this much needed utility."

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