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Reviews of Sothink DHTML Menu and Tree Menu Builder

Check out evaluation about our Sothink DHTML menu and Sothink Tree Menu from users and Magazines/website editors, and try it by yourself and let us to know your opinion.

htmlbasix.com Review (New)

I found what I didn't know I'd been looking for - a great program that creates many different kinds of DHTML menus for you, all from an easy-to-use GUI! The program is DHTMLMenu from Sothink, and this was the answer to my DHTML menu prayers (the ones I didn't know I needed to say!) as I can now create DHTML menus looking exactly how I want them, without having to wrestle with indecipherable javascript code. I love the program so much, I decided to take the time to explain how to create a basic menu in it so you can see how easy it is to use too.

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123ecommerce.com Review (New)

Sothink DHTML Menu is a DHTML menu creating software, created by sothink.com. This software can be used in web pages for easy navigation and to enhance the look and feel of your site.

There is no need to have any software coding skills to create these menus or to work with Sothink DHTML Menu. Pop-up menus can be created without writing a single line of code. The other advantage with this tool is that it is very user friendly. The result of the design that you are creating can be viewed instantly during design. The generated DHTML menu is compatible with almost all available web browsers and platforms. it can be easily used within Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver…

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Sothink DHTML Menu

According to the developer's site this product will build unlimited level DHTML Drop Down Menus with fully customizable text, image, font, link, tip, background color or image, icon, arrow, border, transparency and special effects. It makes menus which are compatible with most browser types including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox, Camino and Safari on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms. …
When started, DHTML Menu expects you to select a template to use for the menus. The program comes with an extensive collection to help you get started. Existing templates can be altered and then saved as new templates so you can build your own library of preferred styles. …

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programmazione.it Review

DHTMLMenu Builder 6.1 appartiene alla popolosa famiglia dei software per creare menu dinamici in maniera visuale: molti di voi conosceranno sicuramente AllWebMenus Pro o CoffeCup DHTML MenuBuilder. Il prodotto costa 35 Euro e presenta alcune interessanti caratteristiche che lo differenziano da altri software analoghi; la più interessante è sicuramente la disponibilità di alcuni plug-in per integrarlo con Dreamwaver, FrontPage ed Adobe GoLive.

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Download.com Review

Reviews of drop down menu and tree menu builderInteractive navigation menus make an attractive and useful addition to any Web site, but creating them can be an arduous task, even if you use a WYSIWYG tool such as Dreamweaver. This specialized program eases the process considerably with a no-nonsense interface that puts the necessary design and scripting elements at your fingertips. ..."

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Review by Alex (from ah-web.org)

As a developer or designer, you will find yourself in a situation now and then in which you require a certain functionality, but don't know how to achieve it. In that case you have two choices: invest into the research and teach yourself the necessary knowledge, which can take form a few hours to a couple of weeks. Or you resort to a solution provided by a third party.
I found myself in that situation when I wanted to incorporate a drop-down menu into a web-based application, but did honestly not have the time to do it all by myself. China-based company SourceTec has got the right idea. The knowledge is available publicly, but not everyone has got the time to implement the knowledge by themselves. SourceTec application DHTMLMenu allows the user to create JavaScript/DHTML based menus for websites and web-based applications easily. They promise cross-browser compatibility and easy of use. It provides a wide range of templates and effects to start with, but the user can as well start completely from scratch and create his own design, using any of the provided effects ora combination of those.

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Sothink DHTML Menu Creator

Being able to control everything at the touch of a button, or visually on screen in front of you without having to edit bits and bats of code is pure luxury, especially when it goes right first time. With Sothink DHTML Menu Creator, you need not worry about anything other than a smooth, easy, and addictive process, when it comes to transforming your old, static, interactivity lacking menus, into something so amazing visitors will be forced to make use of it.
Having a WYSIWYG interface attached to it makes Sothink DHTML Menu Creator something so versatile it's like having bread that butters itself. Everything that you need is in front of you on the 'design screen', so you need not have multiple windows open just to get the job done.
Everything from menu transition speeds, to the text on the buttons, to rollovers, links, effects and styles, positioning, and even border, padding and spacing can be edited from within the software. The beauty of the interface 'design' is, that it has been designed with your typical Windows XP user in mind. The way it is laid out and designed slightly represents the operating system interface. Another point in favor of the software..

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Steve Review

"Building a menu system for any website is an important task. You need to make sure that visitors are able to browse through a site quickly and clearly. Creating a DHTML/javascript style menu can be a good choice and there are various software packages that will help you do this with ease.
A while ago I tested several different DHTML menu utilities and although many offered similar features, I ended up purchasing one from Sothink. I felt it offered the best balance for my particular needs and I still use it today for my Cybia website menu.
Sothink DHTML Menu is very fast and easy to use, yet offers some great features and is capable of producing some impressive menu designs. It has good cross-browser compatibility too which is a key issue to consider, as some of the other programs I tested fell down in this area."

KK007 (reviews from download.com)

"This program has saved me so much time and money. The main feature that has sone so is the JavaScript feature for the menus. Once a menu is created, instead of pasing DHTML coding in to your websites, you can export the menu as two JavaScript files. If you change the menu, you just update the two JavaScript files. There's two lines of coding that goes in your websites which call the two JavaScript files. So, when you update your menu, you just replace the JavaScript files. For those that design large sites, this is a Godsend."Site Navigation Generator". This feature scans HTML pages to look for links, then compile a DHTML menu based upon those hyperlinks and the settings you configure. I had a site which had over 100 links on the index page. The ease of use of this program allowed me to simply
drag and drop the new navigation buttons in to sub categories.This program is a must for anyone's arsenol of web developing products!"

Nick (reviews from download.com)

"The program comes with templates to create DHTML menus. My favorite feature is not just the fact it writes all of the DHTML code for you, but gives you the option to export them as a .js (javascript file). Using this method, you don't need to paste any DHTML code in to your website. Two lines of javascript, one in the header and the other in the body. After that, when you update your menus, you simply update your .js file. All of the menus on your site update with it (your website calls the .js file). This feature alone has saved me hours of time.
For those whom are savvy to customizing, the program allows a large amount of customization of the style of your menu. "

review from cybia.co.uk

"Sothink have come up with a powerful yet easy to understand package that helps you to create your own menus quickly and easily, without the need for complex coding by hand. You can build menus with just plain text for maximum speed, or include your own fancy graphics if you want to make a real impact. The code can either be output as plain text to paste into individual pages, or you can compile the menu as an external .js file that can be re-used throughout your site. A real time-saver. I tested many different menu-creation utilities before deciding on buying this one for use on the Cybia website. I felt it had the best balance of features and ease of use."

jdlitson(reviews from hotscripts.com)

"One of the best tools I have bought for web design!
This tool makes making these complicated menus very easy. I highly recommend it and am so happy I found it here. Check it out yourself it has a free trial. Thanks Sothink!"

review from needscripts.com

"Sothink DHTML Menu can be used in designing a powerful and versatile popup menu for your web page. The developer/programmer has no platform related worries as the menu works on all the browsers. All this can be achieved even without writing a few lines of codes. This generator all the required codes for easy incorporation into your web page. The codes have been found to work fine on Mac, Linux and Windows. You can place the menus relatively or absolutely."


"I've been using this product for 2 years. It works great with Front Page and as a stand alone. My buddy uses it with Dreamweaver and loves it. Easy to modify and great to use with Icons."

Watt_Bulb (review from 1shareware.com)

"Great application, makes life allot easier when adding menu to your website, and when you need to update your menu you only need to edit one file for every page on your website to be updated. Great !"

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