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15 Black Menus for Inspiration

Website color is vital component for web design. Many website designers are likely to choose black as main color from marketing point of view. In order to get a certain harmony, the web elements usually apply the similar or the same color to match with web design, for example, black menu is used on the black website for web navigation.

Black menu is color joker, it is widely used for the various website colors which range from light to dark, the classic color match includes black&white, red&black. Black menu conveys the sense of fashion, business, reliance; black menu is plain and high capacity to contain almost all URL links on the webiste to reach the target page quickly. Black menu is absolutely the popular menu, let's view 15 excellent black menus to get some inspiration:

Black menus from the famous company:

1. Adobe

Black Menu - Adobe Menu

2. Sony

Black Menu - Sony Menu

3. Nero

Black Menu - Navigation Menu

4. AppStorm

Black Menu - AppStorm

5. Hole Gospel

Black Menu - Hotel Gospel

6. Internet Dreams

Black Menu - Internet Dreams

Black menus from Sothink:

Sothink DHTML Menu provides many well-designed black menus in built-in templates, which you can apply them directly in E-commerce Templates PrestaShop Themes

7. List

The menu contains multi-column list popup menus.

Black Menu - List Menu

8. Metallic

This black menu delivers a sense of metal.

Black Menu - Metallic

9. Dark

The plain menu guides you to the right web page quickly.

Black Menu - Dark

10. Board

Black menu is on the top, and popup menu uses the irregular background image.

Black Menu - Board

11. Silver Black

Silver black menu will change into blue when the mouse is over on menu item.

Black Menu - Silver Black

12. Pure Black

Black menu with round corner, it enlarges and popups sub-menu when moving mouse on menu.

Black Menu - Pure Black

13. Black

White and Black menu navigates the website in a simple way.

Black Menu - Drop Down Menu

14. Logo Menu

Company logo is included in black menu.

Black Menu - Logo Maker

15. Top Line

Black menu with top line is pretty element to beautify the website.

Black Menu - Top Line

How to build black menu?

With Sothink DHTML Menu, you just edit background setting for menu item or popup menu. You can set the background as black, or insert the black image as background in panel below:

If you want to set black for each menu item, enter the "Menu Iitem > Background" property panel.

Black Menu - Menu Item Settings

If you want to set black for popup menu or 1-level menu, enter the "Popup Menu > Background" property panel.

Black Menu - Popup Menu Settings

Simple enough? Download Sothink DHTML Menu to experience this process, create black menu from the built-in templates.

Black Menu Builder - Sothink DHTML Menu

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