Aug 19

What Are the New Methods for Link Building?

Link building has been in existence ever since search engine optimisation was developed. It was once the primary concern of SEO specialists. Teams were created to do nothing but come up with a multitude of links for a site to earn it a higher rank in search results. To obtain these links, “link specialists” had to contact website owners to exchange links or to buy them.

Because SEO was new then, it didn’t matter if links were obtained in bulk. It didn’t matter that much if the links were not related to the sites they were linking to. They still contributed to the ultimate goal of achieving higher result rankings for specific keywords. Fast forward to the present and this link building strategy has become taboo. Now, the emphasis is on generating organic, natural links. Reputable SEO companies such as Ocere employ new methods that comply with search engine guidelines.

Go over the following tips on how to build high-quality back-links in 2019.

  1. Write guest posts

Writing guest posts is one of the most viable ways to get a backlink from a relevant and high authority site or blog. It’s important, however, that you make sure that the site to which you will be submitting a guest post will not make your link a “nofollow” one. Also, pay attention to the quality of the piece you are writing. It should be something worth reading and in line with the rest of the content of the target site. Bear in mind that bad writing can affect your brand.

  1. Turn mentions into backlinks

If somebody posts a blog about your site or product and mentions your brand or product name, it is advisable to contact the poster and request to turn the mention into a link. Not everyone will be willing to do this for free so be ready with some form of prize or compensation. It does not have to be a big amount. A reciprocal link could be enough. To find posts that mention your brand, you can Google your brand name to see the third-party sites that mention your brand. You can also use LinkResearch Tools or other similar tools.

  1. Launch an online contest for online publishers

This is another way to get backlinks quickly. You can hold a raffle for bloggers or website owners that post something (preferably positive) about your brand or product with the corresponding link. The prize does not have to be highly valuable. Also, you can offer a scholarship contest to attract backlinks from the highly coveted .edu and .gov sites.

  1. Publish infographics, data sets, research, and other references.

You can also attract backlinks by publishing useful information or references on your site. Many bloggers, news sites, forums, and other sites would willingly give you a backlink in exchange for the permission to use or repost your content. Just make sure that you explicitly state in your infographics, data set, or research that you require “follow” backlinks before anyone can use your digital assets.

There are many other ways to obtain backlinks. The ones mentioned above are just some of the best options. Try doing them and observe the significant increase in the number of backlinks to your site.