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Tree Menu Builder - Upgrade

Tree Menu has been upgraded to new version. The program has optimized much better. You can download the latest version to upgrade tree menu. If you want to upgrade the tree menu page into the latest version, please follow the steps below to get it.

Three Steps to Upgrade Tree Menu Pages
  • Open the STM file

    Open the STM file which is created by previous version in the latest program.
  • Publish JS files

    Clicking the button "Publish" to publish the tree menu once more, you will see the resource files (image and js files) and the generated codes.

    If you have set the web path for the tree menu before, just choose "View or copy resource files to specified directory", copy the js file to the original directory, and replace the previous js files.

    If you haven't set the web path for the tree menu before, just publish the tree menu into the directory the same with the tree menu page, and replace the previous js files.
  • Upload js files

    Upload new js files to the server so that you can apply the new functions to your tree menu.

    New tree menus are created once upgrading js files. Open the tree menu page to experience the new function in new program.

Tree Menu Builder - Sothink Tree Menu

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Reviews of Sothink Tree Menu
"This specialized program eases the process considerably with a no-nonsense interface that puts the necessary design and scripting elements."
Tesitimonial of Sothink Tree Menu
"I have been using the Sothink Treemenu now for the past month and love it. Just downloaded the latest update only to find there are now additional cool options. I love this!! How easy you have made it for us designers".
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