Tree Menu Builder - Create professional DHTML tree menu, JavaScript tree menu and navigation web menu with zero JavaScript skills.

Tree Menu Builder - Features

Feature Lists:

  • Full cross browser compatibility
    (Support IE 9 Beta, Google Chrome, FireFox 3, Opera 9 and Safari 3!)
  • Effect function lets users choose special effect to display or hide the sub nodes.
  • Sound function enables the menu to play sound, when clicking the node to expand & collapse sub tree, clicking the node with link address or moving the mouse over the node.
  • Arrow function enables to configure arrow image of the node that includes sub trees.
  • Ruler function helps to layout the menu perfectly, which make the whole menu and each node get the precise size.
  • Indent function enables to set the indent between sub-tree and parent node.
  • Free integration with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and Adobe GoLive as plug-ins.
  • Database driven JavaScript tree menus with server-side code, like ASP, PHP or ASP.NET.
  • Generate search engine friendly drop down tree menus.
  • Free Google XML Sitemap and general sitemap generators based on your menu structure.
  • The same intuitive user interface as Sothink DHTML Menu.
  • Site Navigation Structure Generator generates tree menu according to your web structure and link relationship.
  • Records what nodes were expanded/collapsed.
  • Expand/collapse the specific sub-trees by default.
  • Click button, text or icon to easily expand/collapse sub-tree.
  • Provides JavaScript API to externally control expanding/collapsing sub trees.
  • Great performance with large tree menu.
  • Design stylish tree menus from our built-in templates.
  • Exclusive Publish Wizard helps to add your tree menu to web pages in a fast and easy way.
  • Web Path for resources files and Link Prefix enable you to fast switch your project locally and on the web for testing.
  • The current page in use can be auto-highlighted in your tree menu.
  • Non-English languages are supported, even Right-to-Left languages, such as Arabic.
  • Fully customizable properties, like font, icon, button, background, line, border, cursor, tool tip, etc,.
  • Select images for arrow, icon, background button and line from our rich Image Library and Group Library. Users can edit these images freely.
  • Copy and Paste function can quickly duplicate tree menu items.
  • Import DHTML Menu (*.pgt files of V7.x+), which switches to navigation tree menu from drop-down menu, with its properties including text content, text type, link, target, status, tip text, etc.
  • Supports wrapping text in one node.
  • Supports setting multiple tree nodes' properties at one time.
  • Multiple tree menus on the same page; multiple pages use the same JavaScript tree menus.
  • Disable nodes function can disable certain nodes to meet your special needs.
  • Supports any doctypes.
  • Any HTML code can be used within nodes.
  • Live preview in real time.
  • Section 508 compliant.

Tree Menu Builder - Sothink Tree Menu

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Reviews of Sothink Tree Menu
"This specialized program eases the process considerably with a no-nonsense interface that puts the necessary design and scripting elements."
Tesitimonial of Sothink Tree Menu
"I have been using the Sothink Treemenu now for the past month and love it. Just downloaded the latest update only to find there are now additional cool options. I love this!! How easy you have made it for us designers".
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