Menu Generator - Build SE friendly JavaScript menu, drop down menu and DHTML menu for website navigation in clicks.

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Menu Generator - Samples

Navigation Menu SampleDrop Down Menu SampleDHTML Menu SampleJavaScript Menu Sample

Menu Generator - Features

Menu Generator Feature - Good Function

Good Function

  • Cross-browser compatibility: navigation menu displays well on IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari 5 (Win/Mac).
  • This menu generator works with HTML editors: Dreamweaver (Support CS5), FrontPage, Expression Web and Adobe GoLive.
  • Create database driven JavaScript menu with ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, etc.
Menu Generator Feature - Special Menu

Special Menu

  • Create functional navigation menu easily, such as highlight menu, scrolling menu, cross-frame menu, tab menu, multi-level/multi-column menu, custom menu, floating menu, right-to-left menu, keyboard menu, etc.
  • Hide the certain separators or items as needed intelligently.
  • Position DHTML menu fixedly or relatively on webpage.

Menu Generator Feature - Style Customization

Style Customization

  • Customize web menu, like font, icon, background, border, cursor, tool tip, surround, effects, alignment, transparency, size, etc.
  • Apply images from Image Library to set icon, arrow, background and separator.
  • Adjust the color, tint & brightness to easily edit the image for surround.
Menu Generator Feature - Easy to Use

Easy to Use

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Reviews & Testimonial

Reviews of DHTML Menu
"This specialized program eases the process considerably with a no-nonsense interface that puts the necessary design and scripting elements at your fingertips."
Tesitimonial of DHTML Menu
"A fantastic way for someone involved in web design. Takes away all the time and hassle of setting up a menu system leaving the developer on other aspects of design.
Thank you for this much needed utility."
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