Nov 10

What is “Encode special characters”?

This feature is designed for CGI (ASP, PHP, JSP, Perl, etc.) programmers who want to create dynamic tree menus. Otherwise please keep this option checked (the default setting).

When you choose “Encode special characters” option, the program will encode some special HTML characters or symbols:

This option affects all text input including
Global Settings Web Path  Script Path, Images Path, Link prefix
Node Settings  General  Text field, Link, Target, Tip, Status
Background, Icon BG image (path), Icon(path)

When to use this option?
This feature is designed for CGI programmers who want to enter dynamic contents in above text input fields.

For example, suppose you use ASP to retrieve node text and save it to variable “sItemText”. While you input <%=sItemText%> in the Text field, if “Encode special characters” is checked, the code for this menu item would be encoded as &lt;%=sItemText%&gt;. Whereas the code will be kept unchanged, which is correct.

How to use it?
Launch Sothink Tree Menu. In Global Settings window, please click Advanced to check/uncheck “Encode special characters”.