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Sothink DHTML Menu includes an advanced function, which enables you to generate a navigation page for your site by automatically analyzing the existing menu of a web site. The Generator wizard will scan all sub-items and their corresponding links, and create an “*.htm” file to show all the relation and structure of the website.

How to generate…

When you finish the menu configuration, click “Tools > Generate Site Map” to open the Site Map Dialog.
You can choose a theme from the pre-made theme list, or use an external style sheet by clicking the browse button. The result can be viewed in the Preview area.

After setting the style for your site map, you can choose one of following options as the content of your site map:

Items with links attached: Use the menu item’s text that is attached a link.
Items and links:  Use both item’s text and link URL.
Items only:  Use item’s text only.
Links only:  Only use the links of menu items as the content.

At last, click “Save” button to save the site map as an htm/ html file, or click “Print” button to print it.

View visual tutorial to get it >>

Download Sothink DHTML Menu to make navigation bar.