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For web designers, they always look forward to get visual appealing and better usability. It is not difficult to design attractive navigation bars and layout the wonderful website. Just adding a little creative, you can make website appealing and get better user experience.

Let’s share 5 creative navigation bars:

Basically, web menu is generated for website navigation. But, many website designers own so amazing creative , which makes navigation menus become wonderful website element to perfect website design.

Let’s check out six navigation bars to get inspiration:

Navigation bar provides an easy and interesting way to navigate between the site’s main sections on your site for visitors. A navigation bar often extends along the top or side of a Web page and includes text, images, or animations, displayed as buttons that link to other sections or pages in the site.

Besides its function, navigation menu design is very important for your website; your web menu should match with website style. Below, we will show you 5 excellent navigation bars:

1. Red & black drop down menu

2. Link chain JavaScript menu

3. Arch DHTML menu

4. Bullet drop-down menu

5. Battery web menu

These well-designed navigation bars are packaged in Sothink DHTML Menu, you can apply them to your website freely as long as you are the registered users.

Having set up a website, then you need a navigation menu that can be link to every page on the website. Build a drop down menu manually or generate a menu automatically? Obviously, generating menu automatically is a simple way to reach your needs.

Note: It would be better to use absolute link path in your page.

View visual tutorial to generate a navigation menu

Download Sothink DHTML Menu to build a web menu for the existing website.

You are beginner or amateur on building drop down menu; you are unable to create the same navigation bar in your mind. Maybe, Sothink DHTML Menu can help you to build the ideal JavaScript menu. View our simple tutorials to start your web menu.

Download DHTML Menu >>

    You are the experienced web designer on menu creation, but you wanna to make data-drive menu by JSP, ASP or PHP at this time. Come on, view our tutorial to learning to create such a functional menu:

    When creating web menus, you maybe meet the problem. Yes, you can resort to DHTML Menu tutorial to settle your problem down:

    It is very useful DHTML menu tutorial, right? Hope you enjoy it.
    If your concerns are not here, please contact us, we will add it later.

    At present, many well-known companies use drop down menu as navigation bar to navigate their website, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, etc. How these great drop down menu would be like? Below collects the excellent drop down menus from famous websites. The clone web menus have their own features, such as multi-column JavaScript menu, horizontal or vertical drop down menus. These simple and practical navigation bars are the most favorite web menu for big company.

    Let’s view thses clone web menus:

    Navigation bar from Amazon


    Drop down menu from Amazon

    Web menu from Alcatel

    DHTML menu from Sony


    View more drop down menus >>

    Tab menu usually has the crystal appearance and clean design, which makes the website designer love to use it in their web pages. To more important, tab menu can display more menu items in the limited space, save much more room to present the various contents for surfers.

    Tab menus are the one type of drop down menus. This kind of tab navigation bar is usually shown as horizontal web menu, and its submenus list in below line. The tab menu of round corner makes the navigation bar clear and good-looking.

    Let view the tab menu samples:

    tab menu created by Sothink DHTML MenuHere is the tutorial about making tab menu in Sothink DHTML Menu:

    Hurry up, download Sothink DHTML Menu to create tab menu. Hope you like this tab menu.