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Javascript provides the web page developer with an excellent and powerful programming tool – which is, of course, why it forms the core of that current hot Internet technique: Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML). However, Javascript can be of benefit to any web site – especially when it comes to manipulating objects on a web page: objects such a menus.

The Basics of a Javascript Menu

In order to create a menu the web site developer needs to make use of two Javascript methods:

  • · onmouseover – this is triggered when the mouse pointer is placed over an object
  • · onmouseout – triggered when the mouse pointer is moved away from an object

The web site developer also needs to make use of the web page’s object’s style, and in particular the object’s:

  • background-color
  • display
  • left
  • position
  • top
  • width
  • z-index

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