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Dynamic menu can popup menu depending on user interaction, you can move the mouse over the top menu item to view sub menu, or you can click the menu item to popup sub menu item. If your website includes dynamic menu and Flash, which Flash is beneath the menu, maybe you need set dynamic menu or Flash to get your wanted effects. Generally speaking, there are three displaying ways between dynamic menu and Flash: dynamic menu show under Flash; dynamic menu show, but flash hide; dynamic menu display over Flash. Displaying dynamic menu and Flash at the same time is the ideal result, let’s learn it:

The dynamic menu shows over the Flash, you can see both clearly. Let’s learn it now:

1. keep dynamic menu in original status.
2. Set Flash in Dreamweaver. Choose Flash, and click the button “Parameters…” in properties panel; in the open dialog, input “wmode” in parameter column, and enter “opaque” in value column.

View visual tutorial to get it clearly >>

Navigation menu is the vital element for website, it not only draws the outline of website structure and gives the visitors some sense of orientation though the site; but also spotlights your web design; even navigation menu is SE friendly to promote your website ranking. Navigation menu has been developed for years, its style and functions are not limited in image and text anymore, the navigation menus are various in future trend. Let’s share the popular navigation menus on web design:

  • Tab menu to show more in less space
  • Creative menu for individual website
  • Mac style of navigation bar
  • Navigation menu of multi-column/multi-level
  • Vertical menu to navigate the website
  • Stunning icon of JavaScript menu

They are great DHTML menu, right? Come here to enjoy more web menus.
Download drop down menu builder to design your own menu.

Sothink DHTML Menu can create the various drop down menus, JavaScript menus, navigation

bars amd web menus without coding.  With this drop down menu builder, you can create the  diverse menu styles, such as horizontal menu, vertical menu, etc. Next, I will show you the excellent JavScript menus made by Sothin DHTML Menu:

Drop Down Menu Samples – Tab Menu

JavaScript Menu Samples – Multi-level & Multi-column

Navigation Bar Samples – Clone of some famous menus

JavaScript Menu Samples – Database Driven & Special Effect

Come to our menu samples to view more well-design menus.

Many menu samples have been saved to built-in template; download Sothink DHTML Menu to create your own menu.

You are beginner or amateur on building drop down menu; you are unable to create the same navigation bar in your mind. Maybe, Sothink DHTML Menu can help you to build the ideal JavaScript menu. View our simple tutorials to start your web menu.

Download DHTML Menu >>

    You are the experienced web designer on menu creation, but you wanna to make data-drive menu by JSP, ASP or PHP at this time. Come on, view our tutorial to learning to create such a functional menu:

    When creating web menus, you maybe meet the problem. Yes, you can resort to DHTML Menu tutorial to settle your problem down:

    It is very useful DHTML menu tutorial, right? Hope you enjoy it.
    If your concerns are not here, please contact us, we will add it later.

    Sothink Menu Template collects lots of website-matching DHTML menus and tree menus, you can apply the professional and well-designed menus to your website directly. In menu template, almost all menus are listed here, such as vertical or horizontal JavaScript menus, drop down menus and tree menus. Each series of menu template inlcudes the DHTML menus of several colors. Come on, pick up your favorite menu template!

    Just 3 steps to build menu from menu template. First, choose one menu template and open the authoring file (.pgt or .stm) in Sothink program; and then edit the menu style, text and link to match with your website; finally, publish the menu to make it display perfectly on Internet.

    View Menu template:

    Each Menu template has several colors:

    View drop down menu template >>

    View tree menu template >>

    Download Sothink DHTML Menu >>

    Download Tree Menu >>

    Query is a Javascript framework that is simple to use and of a good extendibility. With jQuery, it is easy to get the ajax effect of some webpages.

    JQuery menu uses simple, cross browser compatible jquery to transform your multilevel menus into click and expand menus. In this post I’ve selected 30 examples which are helpful to create simple but effective jQuery drop down menus.

    Let’s enjoy this kinds of drop down menus:

    1. Animated jQuery Drop Down Menu

    2. jQuery iPod-style Drilldown Menu

    3. jQuery Drop Line Tabs

    View 30 Simple but effective jquery drop down menus >>

    At present, many well-known companies use drop down menu as navigation bar to navigate their website, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, etc. How these great drop down menu would be like? Below collects the excellent drop down menus from famous websites. The clone web menus have their own features, such as multi-column JavaScript menu, horizontal or vertical drop down menus. These simple and practical navigation bars are the most favorite web menu for big company.

    Let’s view thses clone web menus:

    Navigation bar from Amazon


    Drop down menu from Amazon

    Web menu from Alcatel

    DHTML menu from Sony


    View more drop down menus >>

    Popup menu is widely used for web navigation, it can popup its sub-menu upon user interactions, such as moving the mouse over the menu item, or clicking the menu item to display more link items. Popup menu is designed as the hierarchy style; you will see only the top-level menu item on website if no mouse behavior involved.

    The popup menu is like this:

    Popup menu has the features of slim body and large volume. You can add unlimited sub menu items under the top menu. The popup menu is specially applied to the website design of compact structure and multifarious contents. It not only classifies the web pages clearly for website, but also switches to the destination page in one click. Popup menu can be vertical or horizontal style, which is pretty good decoration element for website design.

    At present, many well-known companies use popup menu as navigation bar to navigate their website, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, etc. But, how can I create popup menu of my own? Be patient, I will show you the steps to create popup menu with Sothink DHTML Menu.

    Sothink DHTML Menu enables you to create popup menu for compact website. With the built-in templates and rich preset styles, you can create SE friendly popup menu in clicks. Fully customize popup menu to match with web design. Freely integrate with web editors to build popup menus.

    Download Sothink DHTML Menu >>

    Follow me to start a popup menu now:

    1. Start Popup Menu with Built-in Templates

    Launch Sothink DHTML Menu. Template windows open and you can choose popup menu “Simple > Classic Silver”.

    2. Add the sub menu items for this popup menu

    Select the menu item which needs add sub menu items below, and click the button “Append Sub Menu Item” in the menu panel to add sub menu items.

    3. Modify the text and link for popup menu

    Modify the text and link for your website. Click the text on menu panel, select the option “Menu Item > General”, and edit the text and link in property panel below.

    4. Set resource folder to make popup menu work well in Intranet or Internet

    Set resource folder to save JS and image files to the specific directory, which makes the popup menu display correctly. Enter the “Global > Resource Folder” to set them.

    5. Publish popup menu and make it display on web page

    Publish the resource files, menu code or JavaScript menu code to the specific folder; and insert two pieces of code to the tag “head” and “body” within web page.

    Check the button “Publish” on the toolbar and choose the option “View/Copy Code…”; the dialog opens, follow the tips to copy and paste the codes to web page; and check the option “Copy the resource files” to copy resource to the defined folder.

    Finish the above steps, you can preview menu locally; and upload all the resource files to web server to view popup menu on Internet.

    Tab menu usually has the crystal appearance and clean design, which makes the website designer love to use it in their web pages. To more important, tab menu can display more menu items in the limited space, save much more room to present the various contents for surfers.

    Tab menus are the one type of drop down menus. This kind of tab navigation bar is usually shown as horizontal web menu, and its submenus list in below line. The tab menu of round corner makes the navigation bar clear and good-looking.

    Let view the tab menu samples:

    tab menu created by Sothink DHTML MenuHere is the tutorial about making tab menu in Sothink DHTML Menu:

    Hurry up, download Sothink DHTML Menu to create tab menu. Hope you like this tab menu.