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If you have published the menu in the method “Publish JS”

You can also set resource folder for js and image files manually and you should keep two points in mind:

1. The parameters marked green can be modified.

2. The setting folders marked red must be identical in stmenu.js file.

<script type=”text/javascript” id=”sothink_dhtmlmenu”> <!–
if(!window.location.href.indexOf(“file:”) && st_jspath.charAt(0)==”/”)
document.write(‘<script type=”text/javascript” src=”‘+st_siteroot+st_jspath+'”><\/script>’);
document.write(‘<script type=”text/javascript” src=”‘+st_jspath+'”><\/script>’);
//–> </script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>

The problem happened when you chose “Every visit to the page” in settings of internet temporary files of the Internet Option. In this case, when you move mouse over the menu item, the browser will check the new version of the page and reload it as well as the images. In fact, the default setting there should be “Automatically” rather than “Every visit to the page”. Thus, the problem will not exist.

Since web menu is the most significant element in site navigation, in most cases, simple, intuitive and conventional solutions are usually the best option. However, it doesn’t mean that they need to be boring. Web menus need to be simple enough for the user to understand, but also contain the elements necessary to guide the user through the website – with some creativity and good design thrown in.

Let’s take a look at 5 excellent web menu samples presented in this article, from which you can observe and get some ideas of developing further in your website projects. All these web menu examples have one thing in common: they are creative, good-looking, and perfectly fit to the style of their respective websites.

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Sothink DHTML Menu groups many excellent drop down menu samples since it comes out. With the development of JavaScript menu builder, menu samples are more and more beautiful; and their functions are more and more powerful. Let’s view some classic menu samples from DHTML Menu builder:

Horizontal Menu:

Vertical Menu:

Web menus are common on e-commerce sites because they typically include a lot of categories of different products, a good drop down menu can help website to improve navigation and usability, so JavaScript menus can be very useful for visitors. They are also a possibility for other large websites in which fewer clicks can be used to get to a specific page.

Let’s enjoy 5 brilliant web menus:

Float Menu is a web menu used for site navigation, which locates in a fixed position on the webpage. This float menu enables to scroll along scroll bar, and always keep visible no matter how long your page is and how viewers change the window size. Generally, web menu is done by HTML, CSS and jQuery; but it is a difficulty to create such a float menu for web design newbies or if you face urgent design task while time is limited. Maybe, using DHTML menu builder is an easy way for all of us to build float menu in minutes.

Sothink DHTML Menu is an ultimate drop down menu builder; it can build JavaScript menus with simple steps. Besides float menu, DHTML Menu enables to create lots of functional menus, like scroll menu, highlight menu, multi-column menu, and disable items and separators and non-English menu. Now, let’s create float menu in the program:

View float menu sample, and it stays visible even if you scroll down a web page. They’re animated, so they move up and down as you scroll the browser window up or down.


1.    Start DHTML menu from Built-in Template.

2.    Set menu type as Float to create Float menu

  • Check “Global > Menu Type” in Tasks panel, and enter the property panel on the bottom. Input name for this menu and check “Float” option here.
  • Check “Global > General” in Tasks panel, and enter the property panel on the bottom. Input value as coordinate to float menu on web page. Now preview menu, you will see the menu placed in a fixed position.
  • Still in this panel, check two “Auto-scroll” options to make float  menu scroll along scroll bar.

Creating float menu is so easy in DHTML menu builder. To build more functional menus, download Sothink DHTML Menu to make them in minutes.

Get a brand-new attractive JavaScript menu from other navigation bars just in steps! Believe it or not, DHTML menu builder can work with various authoring files to create stylish drop down menu based on the existing menu contents and menu structure:

  • Copy & paste the related menu items in one or two DHTML Menu windows to reset menu sequence;
  • Import menu items from Sothink Tree Menu to get the same menu structure and contents tree menu;

To make your menu creation effectively; you can use one of above-mentioned methods. To make your web menu special, you can apply HTML code or image in DHTML menu as menu item.

Now, let’s view which elements can be use as menu item:

Use HTML code as menu item
Check the “HTML” option in “Menu Item > General” property panel after selecting the menu item in Menu Panel; input HTML code in it to use as menu item
Use image as menu item
Pick up the menu item in Menu Panel, and check the “image” option in “Menu Item > General”; and then re-enter “Menu Item > Image” property panel, click “Image Library” or “Folder” button to browse and choose image file, or type image file’s path, the image menu item will appear in the preview window.

Besides general text, DHTML menu builder provides more options to generate menu items. They enrich contents for web  menu, which gives us a wonderful journey to build navigation bar.

View more DHTML  menu samples >>
Download and try Sothink DHTML Menu >>

Click File in menu bar and select Report to know the detail information about your menu. The menu information  are divided into two parts in report dialog. One is menu size, it lists the size of each element and lists total size of the whole tree menu too; the other is download time, it shows different download time according to different modems. These modems include Modem (28k), Modem (56k), ISDN ( 128K), ADSL (512K), and T1 (1.544M).

The same menu contents and identical menu structure in JavaScript menu, but website designers create so many attractive drop down menus of different styles for various websites. It owes to diverse menu styles to do a magic trick on DHTML menus, which makes web menus amazing and stunning. Using CSS can control menu styles if you are proficient in HTML code; if not, navigation bar builder will be the better way to customize everything for your web menus.

In Sothink DHTML Menu, the program provides preset menu styles which can be applied to menu item in one click; to get extremely the same DHTML menu with your imagination, you can customize menu styles in this program, which creates thousands combinations of menu display, special effect, background, margin, color, font, image, cursor, separator and icon. Let’s take a close look to see how DHTML menu builder changes your menu style:

  1. Reset menu display to get a brand-new menu. Modify horizontal menu to vertical menu.
  2. Set properties for navigation bar and its items to build a totally different web menu, these properties include background, color, special effect, font, etc.
  3. Add graphics to customize the cursor, icon and separator images.
  4. web menu can play sound when mouse interacts with item.
  5. One web menu can be inserted to multi-page and one page can include multi-menu.
  6. Set menu width in percentage to layout the website design.
  7. Show sub menu by mouse event.

If you are not satisfied with your Flash menu, why not to try DHTML menu builder to create JavaScript menu of your mind?Now, download Sothink DHTML menu to make it come true.

The annual Thanksgiving Day is close to us, this holiday is cheerful and grateful. Everything will be decorated with beautiful and lovely objects, which shows the sense of family harmony and joy. I guess you have designed Thanksgiving theme for your website, what else to decorate Thanksgiving website? web menu is not only an essential element to decorate and navigate the website, but also an amazing object to interact with viewers.

To create unique personalized Thanksgiving  menu, we will share some tips with you:

1.    Include graphics contain delicious food in web menu.
2.    Use warm color as background for Thanksgiving JavaScript menu.
3.    Add some special effects to attract the viewer and decorate your navigation bar.
4.    Navigate the viewers to next exciting page by DHTML menu.

Using Sothink DHTML Menu, you can apply preset resources to create Thanksgiving menu in five minute s following to above-mentioned tips.

1.    Start drop down menu from Built-in Template.
2.    Choose or customize Background image from image library.
3.    Select proper effects from special menu effects.
4.    Select the appropriate menu style from preset styles.
5.    Edit the menu items and add separators.
6.    Setting Font for menu items.

An attractive Flash menu is finished in five minutes because of rich resources. Download Sothink DHTML Menu to get more free resources to customize your Flash menus.