Oct 10

Sothink DHTML Menu Tutorial: Update the existing js files in web sites

There are three steps to update the menu which is created by the previous DHTML Menu versions.

Step 1: Open the pgt file

Open the pgt file which is created by the previous versions (supported versions: 3.0 and above versions ) in the latest Sothink DHTML Menu, and then click the Publish button, you can choose View/Copy Code to publish the menu.

Step 2: Update the menu’s code

Copy the header code and the body code of the menu, switch to the page which has the menu, and paste them so as to take the place of the original header code and the original body code.
Note: Replace and update the codes carefully because the stm31.js has changed into the stmenu.js since the version 6.x.

Step 3: Update the menu’s file

Click OK to copy resource files after updating the menu’s code.
For the menu, which has not set the JavaScript folder for resource files jet. Copy the resource files to the folder in which the menu page is. So, the resource files and the menu page are in the same folder.
For the menu, which has set the JavaScript folder for resource files. First of all, copy the resource file to temporary directory; and then, place the JavaScript file and image files into the corresponding JavaScript folder on the basis of resource folder.