Jul 10

How to make your website match with iPad?

iPad has come to our lives, and it provides a brand-new way to browse website. The users can view the website vertically or horizontally. Yes, iPad will bring website revolution for viewing way of landscape and portrait mode. As web designer,  have you get your website ready for iPad users? If you think so, then follow me to design iPad website and make it display properly on iPad.

At present, the web designers usually adopt three layouts to design website: fixed, fluid and elastic. These website layouts have their own advantages and disadvantages, the web designers should choose the appropriate layout based on your websites. Let’s view the below chart to get pro&cons of website layout:


Based on the above comparison chart, I think that the fluid layout is the best choice to make iPad website since iPad has the features of fluid width design. Next, I will present you how perfect the website elements in ipad web page of fluid layout, drop down menu, tree menu, image scroller:

iPad drop down menu (made by Sothink DHTML Menu) :


iPad tree menu (made by Sothink Tree Menu) :


iPad Slideshow (made by Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller) :


Does Fluid layout work well in iPad website? At least, the web elements like DHTML menu and JavaScript menu performance excellently. You can attempt to design iPad website by fluid layout. Hope you enjoy it.

View more iPad JavaScript menu samples: