Nov 10

How to Create a Thanksgiving JavaScript Menu in 5 Minutes?

The annual Thanksgiving Day is close to us, this holiday is cheerful and grateful. Everything will be decorated with beautiful and lovely objects, which shows the sense of family harmony and joy. I guess you have designed Thanksgiving theme for your website, what else to decorate Thanksgiving website? web menu is not only an essential element to decorate and navigate the website, but also an amazing object to interact with viewers.

To create unique personalized Thanksgiving  menu, we will share some tips with you:

1.    Include graphics contain delicious food in web menu.
2.    Use warm color as background for Thanksgiving JavaScript menu.
3.    Add some special effects to attract the viewer and decorate your navigation bar.
4.    Navigate the viewers to next exciting page by DHTML menu.

Using Sothink DHTML Menu, you can apply preset resources to create Thanksgiving menu in five minute s following to above-mentioned tips.

1.    Start drop down menu from Built-in Template.
2.    Choose or customize Background image from image library.
3.    Select proper effects from special menu effects.
4.    Select the appropriate menu style from preset styles.
5.    Edit the menu items and add separators.
6.    Setting Font for menu items.

An attractive Flash menu is finished in five minutes because of rich resources. Download Sothink DHTML Menu to get more free resources to customize your Flash menus.