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Here comes a good news: Sothink DHTML Menu 8.0 is Released!

File size: 5.09 MB
Build number: 70807
Release date: 8th August, 2007
Download now!

Function Enhanced:

• Brand-new interface has improved the fashionable skin, the reasonable layout and handy editing
• Full Edit Mode enables to edit and preview menu in the preview window directly; double-click menu item to edit its text in preview window; the modification can be synchronized between preview window and Menu Tree panel
• Set Resource Folder for resources files to make the same menu display exactly in multi-page of different folders; and preview the menu locally or on the web
• Simplify Publishing to insert the menu into the page easier; auto-generate menu code; copy and paste resource files used in the menu into the specific folder
• Add new template: modify the present style in the built-in templates and re-arrange the existing templates.
• Multi-column Menu can arrange long pop up menu items in a table in group; and the multi-row menu can also be reached
• Copy and Paste function duplicates menu items quickly and keep their properties in the same or different program windows
• Supports switching to drop-down menu from tree-like menu by importing the authoring file (*.stm) of Sothink Tree Menu
• Add new special effect – Rectangle, which is supported by all compatible browsers
• Tips of the Day provides tips & tricks about using the program
• Encoding can encode menu in the proper language
• W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 w3c.gif

View new samples 

View the getting started visual tutorial

New version 2.2 is released!

View new samples here

Tutorial for integration with Expression Web

Version: Sothink Tree Menu 2.2 Build: 70427
Functions Enhanced

Supply a new add-in program that supports Microsoft Expression Web.
Add 15 new built-in templates.
The generated sitemaps are friendly to Search Engine. They are: Site Map and Google XML Sitemap.
Generate tree menu based on web structure and link relationship by Site Navigation Structure Generator.
Add highlight function, which appends the option “Highlight” to Global Settings.
Improve icons utility. Clicking icons to expand or collapse the sub-tree.
Optimize the template dialogs as tree-like list. Classify the templates into four categories.
Supports HTML. Add options “Width” and “Height” to Node Settings.

DHTML Menu 7.3 (German and French Version) Release!

New Version is released!
Function Enhanced

* Supply a new add-in program that supports Microsoft Expression Web.

* Add 19 new templates and a new type “Clone” in  built-in templates

* “Stretch whole menu width” function is optimized. With the option checked, the default width of each menu item of the top level will be auto adjusted evenly according to the Item Width value you set.

New version (2.1) is released!

Version: Sothink Tree Menu 2.1 Build: 70313

Functions Enhanced

  • Support Windows Vista.
  • Upgrade plug-ins from 2.5 to 2.6 for Dreamweaver, from 2.6 to 2.7 for FrontPage, and from 1.5 to 1.6 for Golive.
  • Add “Quick Tour” in New From Templates window to guide the process of creating tree menu.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix the bugs in Sothink widget.

Sothink DHTML Menu 7.1 (Korean version) is released!

Sothink Tree Menu 2.0 (Korean version) is released!

New DHTML Menu (7.2) is available!

Functions Enhanced:

  • Support Windows Vista.
  • Upgrade plug-ins from 2.4 to 2.5 for Dreamweaver, from 2.5 to 2.6 for FrontPage, and from 1.4 to 1.5 for Golive.
  • Add “Quicker Tour” in template startup window to guide the process of creating menu.
  • Diversify clicking methods to show sub menu in Global Settings > General.
  • Add shortcut key “Ctrl+J” for “Fast Publish JS”, and set option to cancel the prompt window in Advanced > Options.
  • Add a template for Valentine’s Day.

Fixed bugs:

  • Support Outlook agreement.
  • The cross-frame popup menus lost background images and surround when they show in target frame.

New Menu for Valentine’s Day!


New  website is released!

New DHTML menu and tree menu templates come!

DHTML Menu Templates


Tree Menu Templates

Sothink DHTMLMenu of Multiple languages

German Version 7.1          Download here.

French Version 7.1            Download here.

Sothink Tree Menu of Multiple languages

German Version 2.0           Download here.

French Version 2.0             Download here.

We’ve released the new version of Tree Menu. It’s version 2.00 now!We can proudly say this new level of Tree Menu will provide you what it introduces, and it will help you create amazing tree menus in no time!

Sothink Tree Menu

V2.00 (Build 61102)
File Size: 4.35 MB
Release Date: Nov 3rd, 2006


Lots of functions have been enhanced in this upgrade version. Here is the list of changes.

* Support IE 7.0 and Firefox 2.0
* Integrate with FrontPage and Golive.
* Search Engine Friendly
* Any sub-trees can be expanded initially at the first loading
* Keep the tree status and recal
l it for next time.
* Control expanding or collapsing the selected sub tree externally.
* Sub-tree Settings are added.
* Add or delete the image for Image Library.
* Append the multiple sub nodes at one time.
* Synchronize the selected node in preview window and tree panel.


Tree Menu 2.00 comes with more choice! Check two new samples: Space and Plain

Follow our new tutorials to Insert a Tree Menu into Many Pages by Library / Template