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We collect some creative drop down menus for web navigation. Thanks to web designers, they give us more inspiration to create drop down menus and provides new ideas to design navigation bars. Let’s enjoy them:

Basically, web menu is generated for website navigation. But, many website designers own so amazing creative , which makes navigation menus become wonderful website element to perfect website design.

Let’s check out six navigation bars to get inspiration:

Navigation bar provides an easy and interesting way to navigate between the site’s main sections on your site for visitors. A navigation bar often extends along the top or side of a Web page and includes text, images, or animations, displayed as buttons that link to other sections or pages in the site.

Besides its function, navigation menu design is very important for your website; your web menu should match with website style. Below, we will show you 5 excellent navigation bars:

1. Red & black drop down menu

2. Link chain JavaScript menu

3. Arch DHTML menu

4. Bullet drop-down menu

5. Battery web menu

These well-designed navigation bars are packaged in Sothink DHTML Menu, you can apply them to your website freely as long as you are the registered users.

Tab Menu is a special drop down menu, which lists more menu items in the less space. This kind of tab menu is usually shown as horizontal DHTML menu, and its submenus list in below line. The sub menu items will be listed beneath it when moving mouse over a tab menu. The menu of round corner makes the navigation bar clear and good-looking. As a kind of widely-used JavaScript menus nowadays, it displays the sub-menu items vividly and gives the visitors deep impression.

Below websites include the excellent tab menus:


View tutorial to create tab menu >>

Navigation menu is the vital element for website, it not only draws the outline of website structure and gives the visitors some sense of orientation though the site; but also spotlights your web design; even navigation menu is SE friendly to promote your website ranking. Navigation menu has been developed for years, its style and functions are not limited in image and text anymore, the navigation menus are various in future trend. Let’s share the popular navigation menus on web design:

  • Tab menu to show more in less space
  • Creative menu for individual website
  • Mac style of navigation bar
  • Navigation menu of multi-column/multi-level
  • Vertical menu to navigate the website
  • Stunning icon of JavaScript menu

They are great DHTML menu, right? Come here to enjoy more web menus.
Download drop down menu builder to design your own menu.

Sothink DHTML Menu can create the various drop down menus, JavaScript menus, navigation

bars amd web menus without coding.  With this drop down menu builder, you can create the  diverse menu styles, such as horizontal menu, vertical menu, etc. Next, I will show you the excellent JavScript menus made by Sothin DHTML Menu:

Drop Down Menu Samples – Tab Menu

JavaScript Menu Samples – Multi-level & Multi-column

Navigation Bar Samples – Clone of some famous menus

JavaScript Menu Samples – Database Driven & Special Effect

Come to our menu samples to view more well-design menus.

Many menu samples have been saved to built-in template; download Sothink DHTML Menu to create your own menu.

We build a sub menu of multi-column — Amazon Style.
Click here to view the menu >>

Learn how to create such a menu. View the tutorial here >>

Amazon Style Menu

Christmas is coming soon. We design two menus to celebrate it.

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