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With Sothink Tree menu 3.0 release, add 14 free menu templates in the program. Below will show 5 favorite menu samples:

When you surf the website, there are so many linked pages that needs to view, maybe tired or no enough time, you must close the tree menu page when finishing the partial nodes, and continue to fulfill the rest next time.

Still remember the last node that you clicked in previous time? Most of us maybe forget it, but the tree menu can impress that node and prompt the viewers. Now please re-open the tree menu page, there is node with white background in the tree menu. That is the last node you viewed in the previous time, you can continue the rest from here.

Check this tree menu samples to get it:

How to let the tree menu remember the state and recall for next time?

It is simple to get this function. Please check the option “Record the tree menu status and recall for next time” in Global Settings > Advanced. Just one click, your viewer can browse the pages with ease.

Download tree menu to create such a navigation menu.