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Sothink DHTML Menu is popular navigation menu tool, so many users used it to create the wanted JavaScript menus for their website. One of Our warm hearted users has layouted the section for DHTML Menu, and solve the problem in creating DHTML Menu.

Unofficial Resources Site for Sothink DHTML Menu

drop down menu

In this website, the user writed many tutorials to share his experinces on navigation bar creation. If you are newbie on making web menu, you will get the useful tips from here. View some advanced tutorials:

Targeting an iFrame from a menu

Opening Links In A New Customized Window

Anchoring a menu in a table cell

A well-designed and well-executed navigation menu can have more impact on user’s appreciation of a site than any other single piece of the design. In this post,  we will take a look at more than 5 stellar examples of JavaScript menus that positively impact the design of a website. The list includes a great deal of variety. Regardless of what you personally prefer, there should be some inspirational examples here for you.

The simplest, the best. So does the drop down menu. We find some classic navigation bar currently, which they are so simple to navigate the website, and many web designers would like to apply such that JavaScript menu to their webiste, let’s view them:

Web menus are common on e-commerce sites because they typically include a lot of categories of different products, a good drop down menu can help website to improve navigation and usability, so JavaScript menus can be very useful for visitors. They are also a possibility for other large websites in which fewer clicks can be used to get to a specific page.

Let’s enjoy 5 brilliant web menus:

Get a brand-new attractive JavaScript menu from other navigation bars just in steps! Believe it or not, DHTML menu builder can work with various authoring files to create stylish drop down menu based on the existing menu contents and menu structure:

  • Copy & paste the related menu items in one or two DHTML Menu windows to reset menu sequence;
  • Import menu items from Sothink Tree Menu to get the same menu structure and contents tree menu;

To make your menu creation effectively; you can use one of above-mentioned methods. To make your web menu special, you can apply HTML code or image in DHTML menu as menu item.

Now, let’s view which elements can be use as menu item:

Use HTML code as menu item
Check the “HTML” option in “Menu Item > General” property panel after selecting the menu item in Menu Panel; input HTML code in it to use as menu item
Use image as menu item
Pick up the menu item in Menu Panel, and check the “image” option in “Menu Item > General”; and then re-enter “Menu Item > Image” property panel, click “Image Library” or “Folder” button to browse and choose image file, or type image file’s path, the image menu item will appear in the preview window.

Besides general text, DHTML menu builder provides more options to generate menu items. They enrich contents for web  menu, which gives us a wonderful journey to build navigation bar.

View more DHTML  menu samples >>
Download and try Sothink DHTML Menu >>

The same menu contents and identical menu structure in JavaScript menu, but website designers create so many attractive drop down menus of different styles for various websites. It owes to diverse menu styles to do a magic trick on DHTML menus, which makes web menus amazing and stunning. Using CSS can control menu styles if you are proficient in HTML code; if not, navigation bar builder will be the better way to customize everything for your web menus.

In Sothink DHTML Menu, the program provides preset menu styles which can be applied to menu item in one click; to get extremely the same DHTML menu with your imagination, you can customize menu styles in this program, which creates thousands combinations of menu display, special effect, background, margin, color, font, image, cursor, separator and icon. Let’s take a close look to see how DHTML menu builder changes your menu style:

  1. Reset menu display to get a brand-new menu. Modify horizontal menu to vertical menu.
  2. Set properties for navigation bar and its items to build a totally different web menu, these properties include background, color, special effect, font, etc.
  3. Add graphics to customize the cursor, icon and separator images.
  4. web menu can play sound when mouse interacts with item.
  5. One web menu can be inserted to multi-page and one page can include multi-menu.
  6. Set menu width in percentage to layout the website design.
  7. Show sub menu by mouse event.

If you are not satisfied with your Flash menu, why not to try DHTML menu builder to create JavaScript menu of your mind?Now, download Sothink DHTML menu to make it come true.

The annual Thanksgiving Day is close to us, this holiday is cheerful and grateful. Everything will be decorated with beautiful and lovely objects, which shows the sense of family harmony and joy. I guess you have designed Thanksgiving theme for your website, what else to decorate Thanksgiving website? web menu is not only an essential element to decorate and navigate the website, but also an amazing object to interact with viewers.

To create unique personalized Thanksgiving  menu, we will share some tips with you:

1.    Include graphics contain delicious food in web menu.
2.    Use warm color as background for Thanksgiving JavaScript menu.
3.    Add some special effects to attract the viewer and decorate your navigation bar.
4.    Navigate the viewers to next exciting page by DHTML menu.

Using Sothink DHTML Menu, you can apply preset resources to create Thanksgiving menu in five minute s following to above-mentioned tips.

1.    Start drop down menu from Built-in Template.
2.    Choose or customize Background image from image library.
3.    Select proper effects from special menu effects.
4.    Select the appropriate menu style from preset styles.
5.    Edit the menu items and add separators.
6.    Setting Font for menu items.

An attractive Flash menu is finished in five minutes because of rich resources. Download Sothink DHTML Menu to get more free resources to customize your Flash menus.

SEO is a hot topic for website design all the time, since the majority of website traffics come from search engine instead of visual attractiveness. Every element in website design should take SEO into consideration. As for navigation bar, website designers usually choose SE friendly DHTML menu to get crawled easily by spider.

DHTML menu can be search friendly to search engine spiders by three ways:

  • Generate the SE friendly code and insert it to webpage
  • Make XML sitemap and submit it to main-stream Search Engine
  • Generate sitemap to help navigate site and make it to be  indexed

As drop down menu builder, Sothink DHTML menu not only enables to create the attractive web menu, but also provides the useful tools to make navigation menus SE friendly. Let’s check out these SEO tools:

  1. Search Engine Friendly Code Maker
    Pro: This tool enables to generate special codes which are readable for web crawlers; and these SE friendly codes can enhance the presence and visibility of a website on search engine listings. The maker will behave like sitemap if JavaScript is forbidden in the browser, which the menu is shown in text link.
    Usage: After publishing the menu into page, you can check button in the program to open dialog, and click “Copy All” button to copy these codes, and paste them behind the menu code between tag within webpage.

  2. Google XML Sitemap
    This tool can generate XML sitemap, which is special for Google search engine. This XML sitemap makes good use of the search engine spiders’ time by make the engines index pages from your site efficiently; and provides the opportunity to make search engines know priority, update time and change frequency.
    Finishing the menu configuration, you can check button in the program to open dialog; input your website link and check the related options to set sitemap; click “Save XML” button to save XML sitemap to defined path. At last, submit this XML sitemap to Google.

  3. Generate Sitemap
    Pro: Sitemap allows search engine crawlers index the website easily; it enables to make SE find all the pages. Even some internal links, sitemap still improves PrageRank or link popularity to all pages it links. Also sitemap helps with usability and site navigation based on existing menu structure used in website.
    Usage: Completing the menu creation, you can check button in the program to open dialog; choose theme, at
    tach CSS and check the related options to set sitemap page; click “Save…” button to save HTML page to defined path.


The eye-catching and attractive menu is vital element on website. The navigation menu is usually the area in site which gets the most traffic. To judge the web menu is good one, you can analyse it by three aspect: great interaction with mouse event; wonderful menu style and matchable with website; clear navigation and easy operation. Here lists five JavaScript menus, let’s check out these excellents DHTML menus:

Font setting is a part of web menu design. Though font setting is minor element in navigation menu, have you ever think it enables to affect on menu style greatly? It is Unbelievable? Let’s view JavaScript menu samples to prove it

View and download Sothink DHTML Menu to create you menu with special font face.