Feb 11

Showcase of diverse white menu styles

White menu refers to drop down menu which adopts white as the main color to navigate your website. As we known, white is the feasible color to match with all kinds of color, it can create wonderful visual matchable effect with other colors. Similarly, white menus are also wild navigation menu to decorate most websites of different colors. Besides color, white menus can be built in horizontal level, vertical level, tab menu, round-corner menu and multi-column. Next, let’s appreciate changable menu styles:

White menu – horizontal menu with black website

White Menu - Horizontal Menu

White menu – round corner menu with blue website

White Menu - Round Corner Menu

White menu – vertical menu with green website

White Menu - Vertical Menu

White menu – tab menu with yellow website

White Menu - Tab Menu

White menu – multi-column menu with purple website

White Menu - Multi-Column Menu