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New Sothink Menu Templates is released! You can get the better service from here: clearly view the menu template; customize the menu as you like; easily learn to edit or modify the menu from Online Help.

With new version of Sothink Menu Templates, we bring out two sets of menu templates:

Our designer “Fariy Fish” released two sets of templates in two weeks. Check them out:

Horizontal Vista Menu Templates:


Root Tree Templates:


Vertical Vista PictureVertical Vista GreenVertical Vista Blue
These vista menu templates are made using our program Sothink DHTMLMenu. The main skill to achieve that effect is simply using graphics, and the program’s new feature — Surround.

This week, we will continue releasing a series of horizontal vista menu templates rather than vertical ones.
Anyway, you may find other cool templates here if you are interested. 🙂 Any suggestion or comment is welcome!